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  1. FD lenses were incompatible with EOS - only the new EF lenses would work. So Canon released a lot of quality EF lenses to use with the new cameras. From '87 till the late 90s, Canon produced these older-style EF lenses. In the 2000s, most of them were discontinued. Today, they're virtually unknown to most Canon shooters
  2. Canon FD lenses were first made starting in the 1970s and lasting until about the early 1990s. Once Canon switched to its autofocus-capable EF mount, FD lenses collected dust for many years
  3. That's easy - the FD 200mm f1.8L. It's optical construction is identical to the EF 200mm f1.8L, which is considered one of the sharpest (if not the sharpest) lenses ever made for any 35mm camera system. bob_katz|1, Oct 20, 2003 #
  4. Canon FD S.C. 135mm F3.5 telephoto lens FD Mount Sharp Portrait Lens Bokeh. $74.00. Free shipping . Canon FD 135mm f2.5 S.S.C. Manual Focus Lens #31849. $59.00 + $10.00 shipping . Canon FD Mount Vivitar 28mm f2.5 Auto Wide Angle Lens for SLR Camera Canon. $49.99 + shipping . Picture Information. Opens image gallery . Image not available. Mouse over to Zoom-Click to enlarge. X. Have one to sell.
  5. Extender FD 2X-A was designed for use with telephoto lenses of 300mm or longer, doubling the focal length capability of the lens. Extender FD 2X-B also doubles the focal length capability of the lens, but was designed to be used with focal lengths of 300 mm or shorter - even can be used with zoom lenses! Lastly, Extender FD 1.4X-

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  1. Over the 21-plus years of production, Canon introduced 134 different FD lenses ranging from 7.5mm through 1,200mm in seventeen different fixed focal lengths and nineteen different zoom ranges, one of the most, if not the most, extensive manual focus lens lines ever produced
  2. Canon FD lenses are ideal for anyone looking to achieve top-tier image quality without breaking the bank, especially if you shoot 35mm film on any of the company's single lens reflex bodies from before the days of digital. When users buy our independently chosen editorial picks, we may earn commissions to help fund the Wiki
  3. The nFD 2.0/35mm shows a very balanced performance between very good close-up and infinity sharpness. For pure landscape (edge to edge sharpness) work, the nFD 2.8/35mm performs slightly better and is more contrasty. The FD 2.8/35 TS shows decent close up performance but lags behind the other two 35mm lenses in terms of edge sharpness at infinity
  4. It's sharp wide open, especially near the center of the frame; produces superb creamy bokeh, and is a great lens for portraiture in crop-sensor or Micro Four Third System cameras where it provides a medium telephoto effective focal length. Price range:$100-250 5. 100mm f/3.5 Canon or Serena
  5. The first Canon L lens ever has been the Canon FD 300 mm 1:4 L and was introduced in December 1978. In May 1979 the Canon FD 500 mm 4.5 L followed and became the second FD L designated lens. These two are the only L lenses that came with the old breech lock

  1. Prefer to stay all New FD lenses. Looking at primes only no zooms. I'm doing my research but I don't know that much about Canon FD lenses. The one's I've personally use(d): FDn 24/2.8 - decently sharp across the frame. Near zero chances to have a copy without damaged bearings. Sold it. FDn 35/2 - very sharp, flare catching specialist. In use to.
  2. - One of two proprietary lens coating by Canon, the Super Spectra Coating (SSC) was a higher quality grade than the standard S.C. coating. Lenses with S.S.C. coating were stamped in red on the front of the lens. As previously mentioned, all New FD (FDn) lenses featured S.S.C. coating and thus did not need to be designated on the front
  3. Stopped down to f/8 the Canon FD 50mm f/3.5 macro lens is sharp corner to corner. There are some quirks and features not found on moden macro lenses

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FD lenses are compatible with their interchangeable FD series mounts, and they connect to 35mm Single-Lens Reflex or SLR camera bodies and have no auto-focus capabilities. These FD mounts were not designed to communicate with lenses, so they must be manually focused. The FD lens was built with the highest optical quality for film/analog photography, and it was widely used by analog. The Canon FD 2.8/135 is a good lens optically. From f/2.8 it is sharp across the frame. The bokeh is very nice and makes this lens a very good solution for portrait photography. CA is the only real optical issue I found can be a annoying for some scenes but for portraits and distant landscapes it shouldn't be a problem I've been using a lot of Canon FD lenses and have currently more than thirty FD and nFD lenses, deployed on Sony A7 and A7R full-frame bodies. I like the FD lenses a lot since basically all of them have good or better IQ and similar color reproduction. Among the nFD fixed focal length lenses I can recommend the following : FE 7.5 mm f/5.6 : circular fisheye lens, very good optics, and. FD lenses, even high-end L series versions rarely break $1,000. If you really want to get a set together on the cheap, check out Vintage Lenses For Videos Canon FD Buying Guide. Be careful though. The Canon FD 70--210mm F4 is a vintage Full Frame telephoto zoom lens from the early 1980's. I saw a mint condition one on Ebay for less than $50 and picked it up without a second thought

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Some older lenses appear on this list as well: the 50mm f/1.4, 50mm f/2.8 Macro and 100mm f/2.8 Macro are all based on Minolta designs. This may seem surprising, but to a great extent it reflects the fact that while older lenses tend to be less sharp wide open, the difference is less marked when they're stopped down to their sharpest apertures An FD lens is a must, too, and we will discuss what makes it so important in this article. We will also present you with detailed reviews of the best options available in this category. At a Glance: Our Top Picks for Canon FD Lenses. OUR TOP PICK: Canon FD 70-210mm f/4.0 Zoom Lens ; Canon FD 35-105 mm F3.5 MF ; Canon Lens FD 28mm 1:2.8 ; Canon FD 35mm f/2.8 ; Canon 50mm f/1.4 FD ; Comparison. This is a super wide-angle lens with the shortest focal length of non-fisheye lenses in the FD series. Diagonal angle of view is 114° and maximum aperture is f/2.8. The front surface of the second element in its 10 group, 14 element lens construction has an aspherical surface. The result is an extremely compact optical system. <<< --Lense on a Canon New F-1 L.A. Olympic Model, 1984. Around f/5.6, this lens is a winner: perfectly sharp with high contrast across the APS-C frame. At wider apertures, bokeh are better than average (MUCH better than its f/1.8 siblings), but that seems to come from undercorrected SA, which also gives glow and low contrast wide open. Overall, it's a bit below average in IQ wide open. Of course, a bit below average is still darn good when talking. This particular adapter I wanted to use on 4 Canon FD prime lenses I had picked up, 28mm, 50mm, 135mm and 200mm, to use on my Canon 7D and 50D, it works brilliantly on both. Obviously you set your aperture on the lens plus focus manually but all great fun and whilst a lot slower than using a modern lens with electrical contact between the body and the lens, the results from 'vintage' lenses.

Also DOF and IR marks. I bought this lens hoping to get low distortion at infinity like the EOS macro 50 but no luck - there is noticeable pincushion at infinity. (This MAY be due to the FD lens NOT being a floating design.) Sharp and contrasty at f/5.6 and very usable at f/3.5. Like other slow lenses, one half or other of the split image. Sharp business products include multifunction printers (MFPs), office printers and copiers, as well as professional digital signage, video wall displays and interactive display products I bought my Canon FD 50mm F/3.5 Macro lens from eBay after reading good reviews about it. Based on the test shots I did, the lens is an excellent performer, it is sharp at f/3.5 and improves a lot when you stop down. Like my Canon FD 50mm F/1.8, this lens is in great condition for a lens this old. It is heavier compare to my native M43 lenses. The Canon FD 100mm f/4 macro lens is front heavy and only goes to 1:2 magnification. Despite that, the lens is sharp when stopped down to f/8. A 50mm extension tube is needed to get to 1:1 magnification. Adapting the lens to a mirrorless camera body adds even more extension. For the lens to be usable on a mirrorless camera, a tripod collar will. Some FD lenses are super sharp - 85 1.8 is amazing, 200 2.8 prime is also great. Basically any of the more pro FD lenses have all metal lens mounts vs more plastic on consumer oriented lenses, generally the slow versions of primes. Vote Up 1 Vote Down Reply. November 29, 2019 21:27. Guest . Stefan P. totally agree. love the nicest 709 lut. reminds me on arri 709 regarding the blue and pink.

Canon Lens FD 24mm 1:2.8 Weitwinkelobjektiv Lieferumfang: Objektiv - Sonnenblende - Abdeckung Open... 139 € VB 02828 Görlitz. Gestern, 07:26. Canon T70 mit fd 50mm 1:1,8. Super Kamera mit sehr hochwertigen 50 mm objektiv. Beides ist in einem tadellosen Zustand. Abholung... 40 € VB 56242 Quirnbach Westerwald. Gestern, 06:38. Canon A1 Lens FD 50mm 1:1.4 incl. Ansteckblitz abzugeben. Hallo. This lens looks like my dog dug it up in the backyard, but before I threw it away, I tried it, and the Canon FD 35-70mm f/4 FD is an unusually good performer. The 35-70mm f/4 is unusually sharp right out to the corners, even wide-open, and has little or no distortion throughout most of the zoom range. The Canon FD 35-70/4 is also built tough; it's almost all-metal. It's a two-ring zoom. There. The Lens and Adapter - I did some previous research on the adapter so putting it on was a breeze (Fotodiox FD to Sony NEX). the lens fits perfectly; already have the release lens setting ready from another lens I have (Nikon NIKKOR), turned on the camera, switched it to the A setting, and began my fun! it's extra sharp and it works well with the close to Canon color picture profile I used. Die Sharp Es Fd 8145 W4 De bietet nicht nur die Energieeffizienz von A+++ an, sondern neben der Waschwirkungsklasse A (nach (2010/30/EC) - also maximale Sauberkeit, auch die Schleuderwirkungsklasse B. Bei einer maximalen Drehzahl von 1400 Umdrehungen pro Minute, sorgt die Maschine für eine Restfeuchte von 53%. Der Restfeuchtegehalt in der Wäsche hängt immer von der Stoffart ab, dem. Lens Description: The Canon FD 35 mm f/ 2 S.S.C (II) is a high-quality fast wide-angle lens for Canon FD film SLR cameras.rnrnThis is the second update version of the lens. As different from the previous version, it has a smaller aperture (22 vs. 16) and weight. Besides, this version does not use radiothorium.rnrnEarlier on, Canon lenses of this series used thorium, a rare-earth element


  1. I have got Canon FD 135 f2, 135 f3.5 both FDn and breech-lock version and finally 135 f2.5 breech-lock. They're all differenet. I would rate 135 f2.5 very high, it is a fantastic lens - very sharp wide open. Canon FD 135 f2.5 on EOS 5DMkII
  2. Canon FD: Lenses. Share. Like Tweet +1 Email. Sort by: A-Z. West Yorkshire Cameras. Canon 35mm f/2.8 Macrophoto Mint- Boxed. £199.00. West Yorkshire Cameras. Canon FD 135mm f/3.5 SC Exc. £40.00. West Yorkshire Cameras. Canon FD 200mm f/2.8 Avg . £99.00. West Yorkshire Cameras. Canon FD 200mm f/4 Macro Avg.
  3. In his post “Are Sony FE Lenses as Sharp as Canon & Nikon Glass?†the sharp-eyed reader can notice that all sorts of lenses are compared using DxO Mark scores, [] mike. December 25, 2017. Well this was a fun read. Even more fun were the comments from people who didn't actually read the criteria for the article thus making your respond over and over that each was tested on the.
  4. Adapters with optics are available for a number of lens mounts, including Canon FD lenses, often at fairly low cost. For example Pro Optic Canon FD Lens to EOS Body Adapter - around $50 at Adorama. The problem is that the optics in these lenses are rarely equal to the optics in the lenses and so image quality suffers. In addition they also act as weak multipliers, so your excellent 50mm FD.

dbuergi wrote: I have the lens with Canon FD mount and pics i take are not getting sharp. Changing aperture helps a bit but thats nothing i expect from a lens like the Tokina. I already checked the position of each lens which is okay but cannot find out why there is this softness. Searching with google only brought me to one thread where somebody had the same problem and said that the is a. Unfortunately, long lenses have even more stacked between them and a sharp picture. Not only do long lenses have paper-thin depths of field, but their biggest barrier to sharpness is our atmosphere! Even at reasonable distances, heat shimmer is so magnified by long tele lenses that it's often a big barrier to sharpness. Fog and haze at long distances doesn't help, either. Long teles are. The aspherical construction helps to keep the field curvature in check, and the lens is extremely sharp from corner to corner, even wide open. I found myself shooting at the wide end of the range most of the time, and it never let me down in terms of sharpness. At open aperture, this lens is much sharper corner to corner than my Canon FD 28mm f/3.5 S.S.C, and about on par with the excellent. Canon FD Lens Info . This is an attempt to compile specifications for all the major Canon FD lenses ever manufactured. Please send any corrections or additions. Lens Name Grp -El Angle of View Diaph Min. Aper Min. Focus (m.) Diameter X Length Weight (g.) Filter Size Hood Notes; Fixed: Fish-Eye 7.5mm f/5.6 : 8-11: 180° Man. 22: 72x67.8: 380: Note 1: Fish-Eye 7.5mm f/5.6 S.S.C. 8-11: 180° Man.

Make the most of your existing collection of Canon FD-mount glass with this Vello Lens Adapter that will allow you to mount these lenses to a Canon EF/EF-S-mount camera. Precise construction makes it easy to attach these adapted lenses to your camera and keeps it secure during use. Infinity focus is guaranteed, ensuring that you get proper functionality our of all your optics. In order to. I don't own a whole lot of lenses for my AE-1 (I'm basic I know) but I really love the 35mm focal length. I have the Canon 35mm f2.8 FD because I kind of cheaped out and got it off eBay. It's not a terrible lens but I think I'd like something better, even if it means spending a little more. I have an M42 mount adapter so that kind of broadens. Canon FD 50mm f/1.2 L Identifiable by the L on its identification ring, and a red band in front of its focusing ring, this superb 8-element 6-group multicoated super-speed normal lens incorporates one aspheric element and a floating-element design to achieve exceptional performance, even wide open. Produced from 1980-1988, it's prized for its sharpness and contrast at all apertures and over.

Canon FD lenses also have a wide range of focal lengths. Canon FD vs. Canon K35. The lens character of the Canon FD lends itself to work perfectly with Canon K35 lenses. Over the last years the Canon K35 lenses became very popular as well as very expensive. Often the Canon K35 lenses (18mm, 24mm, 35mm, 55mm, 85mm) are complemented by the Canon FD focal lengths 14mm f2.8, 100mm f2, 135mm f2 and. The FD 50mm f1.4 SSC is a good lens - it's sharp, has good contrast, and lots of character courtesy of the messy bokeh and heavy vignetting. However, it's just a little too big and heavy for what it is. I mean, I could just add another hundred or so grams and be shooting with the FL 55 f1.2, which is a more interesting lens. It's also not quite as good as the Canon nFD 50mm f1.4 (reviewed here. eBay Kleinanzeigen: Canon Lens Fd 50mm, Kleinanzeigen - Jetzt finden oder inserieren! eBay Kleinanzeigen - Kostenlos. Einfach. Lokal This ultimate lens produces images that are reasonably sharp in the center at F4.0 - F5.6 and serious sharp by the time you hit f7.0. The autofocus when paired with a Canon EOS M50, is ultra fast, bold and very usable for family or landscapes. Most notably, this lens also allows for fascinating close-up photography at a minimum distance of 0.

Canon FD Lenses. Still Photography Photography Tools Photography Equipment Camera Photography Focal Distance Slr Film Camera Camera Gear Camera Reviews A Whole New World. More information... Saved by Marie Lentz. People also love these ideas. Photography Editing Photo Editing Best Friend Photography Best Friend Pictures Instagram Story Ideas Bff Goals Music Covers City Style Picsart. Hello All, I bought a canon FD 85-300mm from ebay with a EF mount replacement many years ago. I recently dug it out and put it on the monstro and was blown away with the sharpness and quality. I am now going to get the 50-300mm and need to convert to either PL or EF. I note all adapters require an optical element to hit infinity which is not needed on the converted lens I already have

My experiences with using old Canon FD film lenses on my Canon DLSR. Well the convertor may render these lenses not as sharp as many modern lenses, the price an Canon FD Lens Mount Standard lens mount on the Canon EOS family. That links to this page, but anyone who doesn't go on will get the impression that FD lenses are suitable for the Eos range - since they aren't that isn't very helpful. I have no idea how to change this. --Marcus Rowland 10:49, 28 January 2018 (UTC) This is still happening! --Marcus Rowland 23:58, 27 December 2018 (UTC) Now seems. Canon FD lenses instruction manual. Click here to go to main Camera Manual site TO OPEN THE FILE, CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW

【 Near Mint 】Canon A-1 w/ New FD NFD 50mm f/1.8 Lens Power Winder A2 Japan #151. £153.25. P&P: + £30.67 P&P . N-Mint Canon A-1 35mm Black Film Camera + New FD NFD 50mm F/1.4 Lens f Japan. £191.65. Free P&P 【Optics MINT】 Canon Extender EF 1.4x Teleconverter Lens EOS EF Mount From JAPAN. £103.49 . Free P&P . Lens Adapter Contax RF to Sony NEX Custom made. £27.60. Free P&P. 2011-2014 (Archiv) Technik . Carl Zeiss Jena; Konica; Mamiya ; Minolta SR, MC, MD; Minolta (Sony) A

Canon FD to EOS lens adapters. When Canon introduced their new EOS line of autofocus cameras in 1988 they did something that no other manufacturer had done. They totally abandoned their previous lenses. The FD mount lenses used on their manual focus cameras simply would not fit on the new EOS cameras at all. Not only was the mount coupling different, but the flange to focal plane distance. Please don't perpetuate the 'Macro lenses are too sharp for portraiture' myth. Macro lenses are not magically sharper or have more detail than other lenses. I have plenty of lenses that are.

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Canon Zoom Lens FD 100-300mm f5.6 for Canon A-1 AE-1 AT-1 Film SLR. 4.2 out of 5 stars 13. Canon Lens FD 28mm 1:2.8. 3.9 out of 5 stars 37. Canon 75-200mm F4.5 FD Tele Zoom. 4.1 out of 5 stars 8. Best Seller in SLR Camera Lenses. 58MM 0.43x Altura Photo Professional HD Wide Angle Lens (w/Macro Portion) for Canon EOS 70D 77D 80D Rebel T7 T7i T6i T6s T6 SL2 SL3 DSLR Cameras . 4.2 out of 5 stars. Lenses labeled 'E' cannot be used on FE-mount cameras (a7 and a9 series). Frequently Asked Questions. Will Sony FE lenses work on a6000, a6300, a6400 & a6500 bodies? Yes, at a 1.5x focal length and maximum aperture multiplication. All FE lenses are compatible with the Sony a6000 series and all other Sony e-mount crop sensor cameras

Only the finest lenses are as sharp wide-open as when closed down somewhat, and no lens is at its best when stopped down to f/22 or f/32, due to diffraction effects. Most lenses have their optimum aperture at 2-3 stops down from wide open. Use fine-grain, high-resolution film. You want to be able to see what you've paid all that money for, don't you? Of course using such film means ISO. EF Prime Lenses. Canon EF 135mm f/2L USM Zum Canon Shop. Features Back to top. Back to top. Produktübersicht Technische Daten Bewertungen Zubehör & Verbrauchsmaterial Support Left Right. EF 135mm f/2L USM . Das EF 135mm 1:2L USM ist ein lichtstarkes, leichtes und hochwertiges Teleobjektiv. Es ist ideal zum Fotografieren von Hallensportveranstaltungen mit ungünstigen Lichtverhältnissen und. FD lens repairs in 2020? Discussion in 'Canon FD' started by dave_s, Jul 29, 2020 at 6:22 PM. dave_s. Hi everybody. I haven't been here for quite some time, a blast from the past. I just wanted some advice. Is the go-to person for repairs still Mr Ken Oikawa? He's an amazing guy-- did some stellar work for me a couple of times, most recently about five years ago. Recent threads suggest he's. Unterschiede bei canon lens fd 50mm - 1:1,8sc und 1:1,4 ??? Diskussion beobachten < 1 2 > Google Anzeigen. RN FOTOGRAFIX 29.04.10, 12:47 Beitrag 1 von 18. 0 x bedankt. Beitrag verlinken. hallo, auf der suche nach einen 50 mm objektiv bin ich in der bucht auf 2 verschiedene 50 mm objektive von canon gestoßen. gibts bei dem 1:1,8 sc und 1:1,4 wesentlichere unterschiede als die gerinfügigere.

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Home About Us Repairs & Service FDn to EF Conversions Lenses For Sale Canon EF non servicable Eqp FD Converted lenses for Sale Media Page Contact Us. PHILIP BLOOM. I was recently contacted by Philip Bloom , Film Director and Guru, who had heard of my click less aperture FVA, through a mutual friend, he sent up 6 lenses Zeiss ZF and Voigtlander, Sam Yang to convert with my aperture, there was. Canon FD Lens Hood BS-52 12,-Ich verkaufe eine Canon Sonnenbende (BS-52) für das Canon FD 50mm. Es ist in gutem Zustand und ist original verpackt 1160 Wien, 16. Bezirk, Ottakring 10.07.2020 22:32.

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Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Canon EF 24-105mm f4 L IS II USM ZOOM LENS - EOS DIGITAL - LIGHTLY USED & SHARP! at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products Lenses Lenses TECHNOVISION 1.5X Anamorphics EVOLUTION 2X Anamorphics SKATER Scope Lens Rehousing Lens Rehousing KOWA Anamorphic Leica-R Canon FD Canon K35 Cooke Speed Panchro Products Products OPTICA MAGNUS Full Frame Finder UDF S35 Ultimate Director`s Finder LensChecker Projecto Wide and Normal Lenses. Tele Lenses. Zoom Lenses. Special Lenses. Tips and Tricks. Technical Information. Die Welt der Canon-Objektive.pdf . Die Welt der Canon-Objektive 1-35 Einführung.pdf. Die Welt der Canon-Objektive 36-63_Weitwinkel- und Normalobjektive.pdf. Die Welt der Canon-Objektive 64-93 Tele-Objektive.pdf . Die Welt der Canon-Objektive 94-199 Zoom-Objektive.pdf. Die Welt der Canon. Sharp Corporation official global website. Introducing Sharp corporate information, product information, support information etc. Business Philosophy. Corporate Overview. A Sharp Journey. SHARP Blog. Executives. Organization. Business Activities. Showroom. Tokuji Hayakawa, Sharp Founder. Affiliated Companies. Information. May 29, 2020 Notice of Corporate Spin-Off of the Display Device Business. CANON 9 bodies and 7 lenses from a collection, for a collector instrument maker, analogue and digital bodies 1. Canon EOS 350 D, 3 Canon EF - S 18 - 55 mm lenses 2. Canon EOS 300 D, 1 Canon EF 28 - 80 mm lens 3. Canon EOS 300 D, 1 Canon FD 50 mm 1.8 lens 4. Canon EOS 1000 F, 1 Tamron AF 28 - 200 mm EF Canon Bayone

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I received a tip the world's smallest Sharp 8k interchangeable MFT lens video camera should be announced soon. Here are the expected specifications: 8k at 30 fps in H.265 codec (Sharp is working on 60 fps) 4k or HD up to 60p at 200 Mbits/s at 10-bit UI fully implemented MFT lens mount CMOS sensor [ The Canon FD 100 f2 is a beautiful lens. Looking at all that glass contained within the thin metal barrel usually puts a smile on my face. But looks aren't everything and the FD 100 f2 matches its attractive exterior appearance with excellent optical performance. It's sharp, has great bokeh and contrast, handles really well and has impressive flare resistance. Its performance and focal length. As with most Olympus lenses, the 45mm f/1.8 is extremely sharp. With my subject in fairly close proximity and the background far away, I'm able to achieve a creamy, shallow depth of field look with no problem. I've actually shot this lens in extreme backlit situations and shooting wide open I did see some purple fringing - however, it was nothing to worry about. To me, vignetting is. For sale a Canon EF 50mm F1.8 STM Prime Portrait Lens in excellent cosmetic condition. It comes in the original box with both lens caps. In excellent cosmetic condition with minimal wear, no scratches, marks or dents. Very clean optically with minimal amount of dust, no scr Here, you can find out about Canon's New FD Lenses > Fisheye-35mm > New FD28mm f/2.8. Twitter. Facebook. 简体中文 . 日本語. English. New FD Lenses. Fisheye-35mm. New FD28mm f/2.8. Specifications; Marketed: June 1979: Original Price: 35,000 yen: Lens Construction (group) 7: Lens Construction (element) 7: No. of Diaphragm Blades: 5: Minimum Aperture: 22: Closest Focusing Distance (m) 0.3.

Discover our full range of EF zoom camera lenses with the flexibility of changing your frame at the twist of the zoom ring Features: Mounts Canon FD & FL 35mm SLR lenses to Canon EOS (EF, EF-S) Mount SLR Cameras; infinity focus or beyond allowed Integrated aperture control dial for adjusting the lens aperture Enhanced craftsmanship and high-tolerance construction for demanding professionals Precise fit and solid connection; lens has no play, gap or wiggling when mounted on adapter and no adjustments required.

While you could buy a few EF 50mm f/1.8 lenses for the price of one EF 50 f/1.4, the f/1.4 version is still a very good deal. It is soft at f/1.4, but it is razor-sharp at f/2.8 — which is still a rather wide aperture. The price, size, and weight of this lens are all very attractive attributes. Build quality and AF speed are not, though it is. So a Sharp Contrasty well built good 50mm f1.8 was the salesman for the companies Lens line up from the time Canon quit using Nikon lenses after WW II when they got access to the the German lens formulas (brought to them by the British and Americans). Canon Knew that if they wanted to sell more lenses they better have a damn good sample to set the hook. awahlster, Apr 13, 2010 #1. ben.

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These wee lenses are great and offer really crisp sharp images... £160. Ad posted 8 days ago Save this ad 11 images; Tokina 500mm 1:8 Mirror Lens FD fit for Canon A-1 & AE-1 Hampton, London Tokina Mirror lens in very good condition comes with Skylight rear filter and Instruction manual Canon FD fit for A-1 & AE-1 Viewing welcome Can post for £4.50 £70. Ad posted 9 days ago Save this ad 9. Sharp Corporation official global website. Introducing Sharp corporate information, product information, support information etc. Business Philosophy. Corporate Overview. A Sharp Journey. SHARP Blog. Executives. Organization. Business Activities. Showroom. Tokuji Hayakawa, Sharp Founder. Affiliated Companies. Information. August 5, 2020 Consolidated Financial Results for the First Quarter.

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old fd lenses for astrophotography in Astronomy & Celestial Talk Approve the Cookies Like something by Rokinon/Samyang. They have a 35mm F1.4 that is extremely nice and very sharp, even wide open. Rokinon also does a 24mm F1.4 lens for a good price. Very sharp wide open. Great for astro wide field. Very best, My Flickr:: My Astrobin. LIKES 0 LOG IN TO REPLY. gordonb. Senior Member. 425. Lens Mount: Lens Mount Alpa Arri Bayonet Arri PL Arri Standard B4 2/3 BNCR Bronica ETR Bronica PG Bronica SQ Bronica S C-mount Canon EF Canon FD Contarex CRX Contax G Contax N Contax/Yashica Contax 645 D-mount DKL Mount Exakta Topcon Four-Thirds F. Knowledge Base. Video Tutorials Manuals and FAQs. Contact Us . Email Forms: Sales Inqueries Tech Support. Phone Number: (847) 201-4623. My Account.

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I have an old Canon 50mm 1.4 FD lens. On which camera will I get a shallow depth of field using that lens: on the 60D or on the GH2? Also, I have read somewhere that when using the that lens on the 60D with a mechanical adapter (with no optics), you can only use it for macro shots? Is this true? Does the GH2 share the same problem with this lens? ut in omnibus glorificetur Deus. Return to. Rare excellent lens, super sharp even at wide open to compare with much more expensive lenses hard to see any quality differences.Very well built as all Olympus OM lenses. It has tripod mount and built-in lens hood. I found viewfinder bit darker with this lens than with Nikon Nikkor 300mm f4.5 ED IF.Lens does not rotate during focusing which is good for using polarizers,almost half the weight. Canon Macro Lens FD 100 mm 1 : 4 Liebe Mitforenten, Nachdem ich hier seit einiger Zeit mitgelesen habe und schon vieles von Euch gelernt habe, will ich nun auch mal Erfahrungsberichte beisteuern. Ich adaptiere schon seit vielen Jahren Altglas, zuerst in den Achtzigern (Objektive mit M42 Schraubgewinde an Pentax K-1000 und ME) und Neunzigern ( Pentacon Six und Kiev-Objektive an Mamiya. Canon FD 50mm f1.4 SSC Lens in used condition with front cover only. AU $169.00. Make Offer - Canon FD 50mm f1.4 SSC Lens in used condition with front cover only. Canon A-1 35mm Film Camera w/ Canon 50mm f/1.8 FD Lens - NEAR MINT CONDITION. AU $550.00. Make Offer - Canon A-1 35mm Film Camera w/ Canon 50mm f/1.8 FD Lens - NEAR MINT CONDITION. Canon FD 50mm f/1.4 S.S.C Lens. AU $145.00. Make.

3 Canon FD Lenses Mirrorless Shooters Should Consider

Kipon Canon FD lens to Sony E mount Nex adapter A7 A7R NEX-5T 7 A5000 A6000... Questions and answers Log in or sign up to ask a public question. Kipon FD-NEX lens adapter. £40.00. BL1 Bolton. Make offer. Share. Share. Add to watchlist. Description. Kipon Canon FD lens to Sony E mount Nex adapter A7 A7R NEX-5T 7 A5000 A6000. Kipon Canon FD lens to Sony E mount Nex adapter A7 A7R NEX-5T 7 A5000. Ihre Testberichte kannst Du schon bald auf LENS TESTS lesen: Canon EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM Canon EF 17-40mm f/4L USM Canon EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS Canon EF 28mm f/1.8 USM Canon EF-S 60mm f/2.8 Macro USM Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM Canon EF 85mm f/1.8 USM Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L.

Duclos Lenses specializes in the service, modification, and sale of high-end motion picture lenses. Large Format High Speed Primes. Supreme Prime Radiance. Deposit: $17,028.00. Sale. Pre-Order. Rokinon XEEN CF 5-Lens Set. $9,999.00. Sale. Sigma Cine Lens Set. Build-a-Set Supreme Prime Lens Set. Build-a-Set Service and Repair over 175 years of combined professional service experience. LEARN. Welches haltet ihr für das bessere Mehrzweck-Zoom: FD 28~85/F4 FD 35~70/F2.8-3.5 FD 35~105/F3.5 Letzteres habe ich al On the other hand, decent FD lenses are now desired by some mirror-less camera shooters, to adapt to their cameras, so selling FD lenses, to help fund EF/EF-S lenses, might well be the better option. I am certainly not a Canon historian, but recall that some FD-era telephoto lenses were quite excellent, and had a different model designation, FL, if I remember correctly. These are valued much. As a landscape lens, it produces sharp, high-contrast images with deep colour saturation. It's light and built with all the care and love possible, making it one of the best looking and crafted lenses you can mount onto a Sony. Because of its weight and image quality, it's ideal for hiking and camping, letting you shoot phenomenal images from sunup to sundown. So wherever your travels take.

Fujifilm XF 35mm F1

There are a significant number of lenses produced from the 1940s through the 1970s that are measurably radioactive. Main source of radioactivity is the use of thorium oxide (up to 30% by weight) as a component of the glass used in the lens elements. Thorium oxide has a crystalline structural similar to calcium fluoride (fluorite). Like fluorite, its optical properties of high refractivity and. Also Known As: Canon FD 100mm f/2.8. Lens Type: Prime Lens. Format: Full Frame / FX. Focus: Manual Focus. Lens Mount: Canon FD. Release Date: 1979-01-01. MSRP Price: N/A. Made in: Japan. Production Status: Discontinued. Lens Description: Canon FD 100 mm f/ 2.8 - fast telephoto prime lens for a 35mm SLR with a Canon FDn mount. Canon FD 100mm f/2.8 Specifications . Lens Specifications; Lens Type. FD-Serie. Fenix FD41 Bonuspack mit ladbaren 2600er . Fenix FD41 Bonuspack mit ladbaren 2600er . Additional contact mail (leave blank)* I totally agree to receive nothing* Fenix . Fenix FD41 Bonuspack mit ladbaren 2600er . Artikelnummer: 1001173. Fenix FD41. Kategorie: FD-Serie. 82,76 € inkl. 16% USt. , zzgl. Versand knapper Lagerbestand. Lieferstatus: sofort verfügbar. Lieferzeit: 2 - 4.

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